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Do turkeys like cold weather?

Do turkeys like cold weather?

Do turkeys like cold weather?

Turkeys are a pretty hardy animal, but sudden temperature changes can change their behavior especially in large groups. 

Did you know a group of turkeys is called a Rafter?

Why is a group of turkeys called a rafter?

To understand why a group of turkeys are called a rafter, you need to know where turkeys like to sleep at night. Usually turkeys like to sleep high up in trees, but then man came and started building barns, houses and towns. So the wild turkeys aren’t foolish and enjoy the warmth the buildings started to bring, so they would roost and sleep up in the rafters.  

Can you imagine back in the day just walking outside to the barn and being bombarded by a group of turkeys? I can only imagine the look and sound a number of farmers made back in the day.  Until they realized how delicious turkeys are.

So when you see a group of turkeys, be sure to call them out as a rafter of turkeys.

Can you hunt turkeys in the winter?

Depending on your state's regulations you may be able to hunt them at different times. A number of the folks that responded to our survey mentioned they had harvested their turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Talk about fresh delivery!

A number of states also have rules in place where if you do get a Fall permit, you may not get one in the Spring. So it’s always important to know before you go.

What choke should you use for hunting turkey?

From the many experienced hunters that we asked for recommendations, the responses were the same recommending either a full or extra full turkey choke for hunting turkeys.

Always pattern your shotgun to find a load and choke tube that works best for your setup.

Can you hunt turkeys with a .22 rifle?

This will depend on your local laws. In Michigan for example you can not hunt with a rifle, while hunting in Texas allows for rifles while Turkey Hunting.

Remember to always check with your local hunting law enforcement agency to ensure you’re following the law, and being the best outdoorsman possible.

What are the best tips for hunting Turkeys?

Many thanks to the producers on CarbonTV, be sure to watch their shows on Turkey hunting right here:
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