CarbonTV Eagle Cam

In partnership with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, CarbonTV brings you 24/7 live streaming of the majestic Bald Eagle in its native habitat. Join a pair of eagles in their nest 100 feet above ground as they battle the odds and elements to survive. The CarbonTV Eagle Cam is located near the Platte River State Fish Hatchery in northern Michigan.



The 2017 nesting season is complete and Spirit has successfully fledged! The camera will be live year round for your enjoyment. Please continue to check back in to see if you can catch glimpses of the parents tending to the nest as we wait in anticipation for the 2018 nesting season. Visits to the nest should become more frequent towards the end of the year with eggs coming shortly in to the new year around March. Please note that whenever there is an issue with the camera feed we receive alerts and are working immediately to restore the feed. Keeping a 24/7 live stream up and running smoothly in such a remote setting is quite an endeavor so please bear with us and know that if the camera goes down, we know about it as soon as it happens. Thanks for watching!

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