Live Lemur Cam

The live Lemur Camera is a unique opportunity presented by Stewards of Wildlife Conservation for the public to be able to watch these critically endangered animals in real time. With a host of toys and other enrichment items these red-ruffed and black-and-white-ruffed lemurs from Uvalde, TX will spend their time bouncing off the walls and swinging from ropes and toys, or enjoy their time sun bathing and being rather lazy. Every second there could be something new, as these little guys are quite unpredictable. There may be no better stress reliever than to tune in to the live stream video on CarbonTV and watch these playfully careless lemurs do their thing! You can donate to Stewards of Wildlife through their website at


Enjoy our furry little friends year round as they bounce around their habitat or relax peacefully in the shade. Thanks for watching!

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Please send us a note if you have a potential LIVE cam opportunity you would like to discuss with the team! We are always looking for new opportunities to bring exciting and unique live content to our viewers!