LIVE Northern Michigan Eagle Cam

In partnership with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, CarbonTV brings you 24/7 live streaming of the majestic Bald Eagle in its native habitat. Join a pair of eagles in their nest 100 feet above ground as they battle the odds and elements to survive. The CarbonTV Eagle Cam is located near the Platte River State Fish Hatchery in northern Michigan.



After much troubleshooting, technicians have determined that a complete overhaul of the equipment needs to take place. We now need to secure timing as well as budget to fund the reinstallation. We appreciate the offers for donations, but at this point are securing approvals internally and on dates when we can get an arborist to climb the tree for the fix. Overall, it will likely be a month in timing and will be weather dependent. Please not contact our partners, the Michigan DNR or Fish Hatchery, as cam maintenance is out of their control. Thank you for your patience.

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Please send us a note if you have a potential LIVE cam opportunity you would like to discuss with the team! We are always looking for new opportunities to bring exciting and unique live content to our viewers!