LIVE Peregrine Falcon Cam

The CarbonTV 24/7 HD live stream of the Peregrine Falcons Astrid and Ares who were first seen together in the Downtown Utica area in the Summer of 2012. They are unbanded falcons so their prior history is most likely unknowable. It’s possible that one or both fledged from the over 70 known Peregrine Falcon nest sites in New York State. All we do know is that both of these birds were in adult plumage when they were first observed in 2012. It’s likely that each are now from 4 to 6 years old.



The 2017 nesting season is complete and all 4 “Eyasses” (baby falcons) successfully fledged! The camera will be live year round for your enjoyment. Please continue to check back in to see if you can catch glimpses of the parents tending to the nest as they prep for the 2018 nesting season. Visits to the nest should become more frequent towards the end of the year with eggs coming in the new year around April. Thanks for watching!

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