Wildlifers Living the Wild Life Live Game Cam

Living the Wild Life, presented by WildLifers, brings you this live camera from South Texas just outside of Refugio. Tune in 24/7 to see an abundance of wildlife on this low fence sportsman's paradise. You can expect to see plenty of white-tailed deer, turkeys, raccoons, squirrels and guinea fowl as well as plenty of other various creatures. This camera is also equipped with IR and audio so be sure to check in at any hour of the night to see if there are an hogs lurking around. Keep an eye out for upcoming live check-ins from the cam with updates on the deer heard and the ranch as the season progresses. Also, be sure to check out http://www.carbontv.com/shows/living-the-wild-life to see the latest content from Dan, Stephanie, and Dustin and where their adventures have taken them recently.



A few nice bucks have become regulars on the camera and we are excited to see what lies beneath the velvet. We hope you continue to watch through the late summer and fall as the activity starts to pick up. The camera is live 24/7 so be sure to check in at night to see if you see any of those south Texas hogs lurking around. Thanks for watching!

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