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SHIRAS: A Nonresident Montana Moose Hunt

Shiras is the story of a dream hunt 18 years in the making. Brandon Butler began applying for a Montana moose permit after moving to Billings in the early 2000s and continued to apply every year as a nonresident after returning home to the Midwest. Year after year of disappointing “Unsuccessful” notifications abruptly ended in the summer of 2023 when he opened along anticipated email acknowledging his tag of a life time had finally been drawn. Brandon went to work right away formulating a plan. Hunting the rugged mountainous landscape west of Glacier National Park includes serious challenges to a flatlander, but through a rapidly developed network, Brandon was able to acquire the knowledge needed to have a fighting chance at wrapping his tag on the trophy of his lifetime. Shiras explores the intricacies of the hunt. The people and places associated with all that goes into a nonresident, do-it-yourself experience of this magnitude. With good friend and dedicated conservationist, Jesse Deubel by his side, and Hollywood veteran, Steve Fracol, behind the camera, the trio set out to accomplish what at times seemed impossible–finding a bull moose in the wild country of Northwest Montana and successfully ending a dream hunt decades in the making.