See what you’re made of.

Introducing the Carbon Class

All living things are made of Carbon. Add a bucket of chum, enough powder, and you’ve got us: The Carbon Class. You’re likely to find us in the woods or on the water. And when we’re not out there, damn sure it’s all we’re thinking about. For us, life is a simple circle of kill, eat and repeat. We’re kind when we aught to be… We’re tough when we have to be. We believe in country, community, and supporting the rights of all creatures both living and soon to be dead. In the end, the Carbon Class is here to restore the natural balance of things. We understand that not all men are cut out for this. Our path? Well, it can be a rocky one. It takes guts, stamina and a damn good right eye. We wouldn’t have it any other way. All living things are made of carbon. What you do from there, well, that’s up to you. See what you’re made of.



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