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CarbonTV Exclusive

Western Contours Podcast

Western hunting is as diverse as it gets from pursuing coastal Blacktails or pigs in central California, Antelope on the open plains of Wyoming, Roosevelts in the western units of Oregon, or chasing bugles in a drainage somewhere in Colorado. The opportunities, game and landscapes offer a multitude of possibilities to all bold enough to challenge themselves to adventure past their comfort zone. Whether it is to carry on a tradition passed down through generations, or those looking to answer a curiosity or a primal calling, adventure seekers, field to plate providers or the skilled woodsman or woman. The only thing that offers more diversity than the west are the people who have accepted this challenge. Though we have common goals our paths are as diverse as the land we put boots on or the game we pursue. Through trial and tribulation, self-reflection and perseverance our stories come together. A community of like-minded individuals whose pursuit of game is through the ethical take and responsible use of the land we tread. Western Contours podcast sharing experiences and providing insight to make us all better hunters.