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American Elements - Chuck Testa Trailer

American Elements

Carbon Score: 7.8

This captivating profile follows taxidermist Chuck Testa, his rise to Internet fame, and all of the struggles associated with that fame, including death threats from the anti-hunting community.

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American Elements

Clip 2

Chuck Testa - Teaser


American Elements

Episode 1

Chuck Testa

American Elements

Clip 7

Chuck Testa - The Dark Side of Fame

American Elements

Clip 5

Chuck Testa - Professional Results

American Elements

Clip 4

Chuck Testa - Bonus Footage Part 2

American Elements

Clip 2

Chuck Testa - Teaser

American Elements

Clip 3

Chuck Testa - Bonus Footage Part 1

American Elements

Clip 6

Chuck Testa - Blowing Up Over Night

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