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American Harvest

From America’s southern plains into the stretches of Canada, follow the massive harvesting fleet of Olsen Custom Farms as crews work to harvest the grain that feeds the world. In this season, we follow the harvesting crew of Olsen Custom Farms, led by Chad Olsen. With his own farm to plant and harvest, livestock, equipment, and employees, Chad balances the hectic work schedule of a multifaceted business against the challenges of weather, mechanical breakdowns, and personnel matters. All while maintaining a deep commitment to his family.This is a long, hard trail. Mother Nature threatens constantly with alternating threats of drought and heavy rains, leaving muddy fields in her wake. The yields can be hit or miss, but when it’s a bumper crop, the crews work late into the night, day after day, with no time off until the rains come again. Navigating these trails won’t be easy. But as every farmer knows, when the hard work is over, the rewards are aplenty.