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Double Drop-Tine GIANT! Back to Back Giant Colorado Whitetails!

Behind The Draw

Carbon Score: 8

Mike heads back to Colorado to chase Giant Eastern Plains whitetails. This time his good friends are in camp and chasing a once in a lifetime perfect Double Drop-tine buck! Follow along these intense encounters to see how everything unfolds!

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Behind The Draw

Season 10, Episode 12

The Story of Twin 10 | Rex's Biggest Buck!


Behind The Draw

Season 10, Episode 15

The most PERFECT Whitetail?? Double Drop Tine Buck of my Dreams!

Behind The Draw

Season 10, Episode 16

The most PERFECT Whitetail?? Double Drop Tine Buck of my Dreams!

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Eastern Colorado Mule Deer and Whitetails

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167" Giant Colorado Whitetail! | The Hunt for Beamer

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Father and Son Matching Drop-Tine Bucks

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North America Deer Slam- Plains Whitetail in Colorado

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October Glory // Nebraska drop tine buck

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Giant Ohio Pre-Rut Whitetail Buck

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Giant DropTine Buck and more at Texas Hidden Springs Ranch

Campfire Stories

Season 1, Episode 2

Opening Day Drop-Tine Buck with Sam Ubl


Season 1, Episode 13

Droptine alert! Josh has his eye on a drop tine buck in Kansas

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Merkel GIANT whitetail

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Rutting Whitetail Bucks are Chasing Hard!

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Tyler’s '24 Plan For Hunting A Missouri Giant, Drop Tine Buck Update #hunting


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NY Whitetail