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Big Kansas 10 Point

Branded K

Carbon Score: 7.5

Mason is chasing his target buck on a new property. After 2 encounters earlier in the season he makes a move during the last weekend of Kansas gun season allowing him to get a shot at the big 10

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Branded K

Season 5, Episode 5

Big Kansas Buck with the 6.5


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Branded K

Season 5, Episode 5

Big Kansas Buck with the 6.5

Branded K

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Big Double Droptine Kansas Buck! ( 14 inch G2s! )

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Kansas Jewell - Brookes buck.

Branded K

Season 4, Episode 3

Kansas Firearm Buck

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Season 1, Episode 6

SE Kansas Buck Show Down

Dream Chasers

Season 9, Episode 8

Arrow released on giant bodied Kansas buck

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Season 6, Episode 24

Big Kansas 8 Point Comes Right to the Decoy


Season 3, Episode 10

Kansas Youth Season GIANT

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Season 7, Episode 17

300 Pound Kansas Buck at 8 Yards

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Big Ol' Kansas Brute