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Organic Garden Summer Harvest
Organic garden summer harvest! This is why we gardeners do it - so we can step outside our back door, pick fresh, tasty, organic vegetables and fruits, bring it inside to prepare a meal for those we love the most! FREE growing guide “Grow 3 Vegetables in 6 Weeks”: MY DIGITAL PRODUCTS - Get ready for spring! -eBook “Growing 5 Warm Weather Vegetables Made Easy” -Garden Coloring Book Supplies used for this project: (affiliate links - I make a small commission when you order through these links and its helps me keep the garden content coming!) 1. Smart Pots Containers - 2. DIY tomato cages: -Wire Mesh Fencing: -cable ties: -tin snips: 3. Seeds and organic fertilizer - 10% discount:, or -$10 Garden Seed Kit -Grey Zucchini -Black Beauty Zucchini 4. Worm Castings, Worm Tea -, 10% off with promo code “calikim”. WHERE TO FIND ME: Garden Blog: Instagram: Facebook Page: Gardening Coast2Coast Facebook Group: Pinterest: