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Fall Gardening: Cool Weather Vegetables - What are They, How to Plant Them and What I am Growing
It’s time for fall gardening and cool weather vegetables! In this video, I’ll share what cool weather vegetables are, show you how to plant them, and share the varieties I am growing. Also included is how to fill portable fabric raised bed with soil, install a soaker hose and what to water your seedlings with to get them off to a great start. Happy fall gardening! Thanks to All America Selections (, and Smart Pots, (, and Good Dirt ( for partnering with me and providing the supplies for the fall garden series. All American Selection Winners I am growing in my fall garden: AAS winning varieties are not genetically engineered. Find seed distributors for All America Selections (AAS) Winners at 1. Bopak Pak Choi: 2. Artwork Broccoli: 3. Mizuna Red Kingdom: 4. Prizm Kale: 5. Katarina Cabbage: 6. Roxeanne Radish: 7. Sweet Baby Radish: 8. Rivoli Radish: 9. Patio Pride Pea: Other garden supplies in this video: (Some are affiliate links - I make a small commission when you order through these links and its helps me keep the garden content coming!) 1. Smart Pots Big Bag Bed Long: 2. Smart Pots Bed Wetter: 3. Good Dirt: 4. Vermisterra Worm Tea -, 10% off with promo code “calikim”. 5. Jiffy 50mm peat pellets: 6. Landscape staples: 7. Gilmour thumb control nozzle: 8. Gilomour flexogen super duty hose: 9. Plant Tags, small: FREE growing guide “Grow 3 Vegetables in 6 Weeks”: MY DIGITAL PRODUCTS - Get ready for spring! -eBook “Growing 5 Warm Weather Vegetables Made Easy” -Garden Coloring Book Where to find me: Garden Blog: CaliKim Garden & Home DIY: Instagram: Facebook page: Facebook Group: Gardening Coast2Coast email: