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She Did What In Her THIRD TRIMESTER?! SELF FILMED Turkey Bow Hunt In Kansas! | Chasing Red

Chasing Red

Carbon Score: 8.5

It has been an incredible season for all of the Chasing Red men and women and it doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon! Aaron Deshaw and Emerson Ries kick off there season in Iowa with two quick afternoon hunts then in Kansas, Nolan Redeker pulls off a spectacular self filmed bow hunt! Adam Treece and Josh Lantsch also take a good friend to the woods for a successful Kansas trip of there own! In Tennessee, Andy Melton and his wife Heather continue the incredible hot streak they are on, laying down a huge double bearded Tom! Speaking of hot streaks, Collins Marine has been on one himself and his girlfriend Elizabeth Splinter heads out to in her third trimester to land a bird herself! We are getting late in the season, but that action is just as hot as ever!

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