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Adventuring can always lead to bear encounters. Laura's experiences can help to avoid a hairy situation.

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Season 3, Episode 1



Steve's Outdoor Adventures

Season 4, Episode 11

BC Black Bear Adventure

The High Road with Keith Warren

Season 2019, Episode 6

Black Bear Adventures at the Hillsport Hillton

Born to Hunt

Episode 7

Spring Black Bear adventure - Metis Lake Quebec

Red Hand Outdoor Co.

Season 2, Episode 7


Outdoor Weekly

Season 2019, Clip 48

Bear Season

Born to Hunt

Episode 6

Northern Ontario Black Bear adventure

The Game

Season 2, Episode 2


All Seasons Pursuit

Season 1, Episode 1

Canada Bear - Todd's First Bear

Corey's Stories

Season 5, Episode 3

Bears Can't Fly

All Seasons Pursuit

Season 2, Episode 6

Lindsey's Bear

Trapping Across America TV

Season 1, Episode 7

Maine Bear Trapping

Bone Wild TV

Season 3, Episode 2

Maine Bear Trapping

Born to Hunt

Episode 5

Spring Black Bear adventure - Mekoos Outfitter Quebec

Bone Maniacs

Season 4, Clip 16

Bear Razorheads

Skull Bound Chronicles

Season 3, Episode 7


Top Ten Percent

Season 1, Episode 4

First Bear

On The Road

Season 3, Episode 8

Black Bear

Outback Outdoors

Season 4, Clip 4

Drawing in the Bear

Western Obsessions TV

Season 2, Episode 5

Saskatchewan Black Bear Hunt - Will I Regret Passing on This Huge Black Bear!?

All Seasons Pursuit

Season 1, Episode 3

Canada Bear - Leah Plunkett Bear Hunting

All Seasons Pursuit

Season 1, Episode 6

Serber's Bear

Team Radical

Season 4, Episode 10

Bowhunting Bear: First Bear With A Bow

Just Kill'n Time

Season 15, Episode 3

Bear Heaven

Fourth Arrow TV

Season 1, Episode 8

Bear and Donuts