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Another Alaskan Weekend


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If your weekend doesn't look like this, come to Alaska! Follow along our trip from Seldovia, to Anchorage, Chelatna at the base of Denail, to Talkeetna, then Skwentna, and finally back to Seldovia for another average Alaskan weekend! Take our online PILOT GROUND SCHOOL✈ Private Pilot: -Everything you need to know start to finish -How to choose an Instructor -How to perform the maneuvers -Airspace -Landings -Oral and Checkride prep (premium version) -And so much more! Try it for free with the link below! Instrument Pilot Ground School: -Learn all the abbreviations and IFR speak -Approach Plates and Procedures -Airspace -Rules and Regulations -Systems -Real World Scenarios -Accident case studies when things went wrong -Written test prep -Oral and Checkride Prep -Etc, Click the link below to check out the course! Commercial Pilot Bootcamp: -Learn about Holding Out -Maintenance Requirements -Systems -Airspace -Rules and Regulations -See full oral exams and checkride videos Check out our many other courses too!✈ -Tailwheel -Crosswind Landings -Weather -Airspace -Seaplane -Sport Pilot -Spin Awareness -Accident Case Studies -And more! Click below to see all courses: Support us at: Check out our site at

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