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Alberta Pea Field Duck Hunting

Fowled Reality

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Duck hunters dream of hunting in Canada. It’s the breeding grounds for waterfowl, birds are abundant, and they haven’t received much hunting pressure yet. Farming practices are much different than here in the US which has both positives and negatives. Our first duck hunt of 2015 took place in eastern Alberta in mid-October. We hunted a pea field that had thousands of all species of waterfowl in it leading up to the hunt. It made for a spectacle of ducks and geese at first light which left us constantly switching calls depending upon the species of birds that was looking the best. Pea fields are cut short and the hide was limited, but the Hard Core Run N Gunners gave us a chance to get hidden thanks to their low profile build. The end result was an awesome first hunt in Alberta shooting both ducks and geese.

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