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A Look Back

Girls With Guns

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Jen and Norissa along with producer Kappie have been on many crazy escapades the past two years! Here's a look back at some fun footage and hunts that didn't make the episodes.

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Girls With Guns

Season 3, Episode 6

King Of The Jungle


Girls With Guns

Season 8, Episode 2

Jen O'Hara & Norissa Harman head to Colorado with the family in tow. For a #colorado #muledeerhunt.

Pursue The Wild

Season 5, Episode 17

Why We Hunt Full with Kristy Titus, Jen O'Hara & Norissa Harman

Girls With Guns

Season 4, Clip 2

Norissa Harman - Host

Girls With Guns

Season 7, Episode 2

Norissa's in the hot seat!

Girls With Guns

Season 4, Episode 3

Quest Like No Other - Norissa

Wild and Uncut

Episode 2

Girls with Guns Founders Jen O’Hara & Norissa Harman – EP 002 Wild & Uncut Podcast

Coyote Country

Season 3, Episode 13

Looking Back

On The Road

Season 5, Episode 13

Looking Back

All Things Hunting

Season 1, Episode 2

ATH Ep 101 Summertime Deer Setups in IL & NY looking back at past hunts

A Sportsman's Life

Season 3, Episode 52

A Look back at 2023


Season 3, Clip 17

Looking Back

Behind The Glass

Season 2, Episode 1

A Look Back At Season 1

Girls With Guns

Season 2, Episode 12

Looking Back On The Season

Girls With Guns

Season 9, Episode 5

Jen O'Hara - GWG Clothing

AULTimate Outdoors

Season 2, Episode 5

It Gets Crazy


Episode 1

The Producer

Coyote Country

Season 1, Episode 1

Going Back

Scott Linden Upland Nation

Season 1, Episode 25

Go along to get along in bird hunting country

Southern Dirt

Season 1, Episode 6

The Crazy Buck

The Job

Season 4, Episode 3

Crazy Coons

Girls With Guns

Season 4, Clip 1

Jen O'Hara - Host


Season 2, Clip 15

Blast From the Past

Girls With Guns

Season 4, Episode 12

Red Bank - Quail

Film the Hunt Podcast

Episode 73

Producer Problems & Solutions