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GrowingDeer: S2014 | E31
Carbon Score: 8.2
On Fire For Whitetails! Plus: Pt. 3 of Shoot, Don't Shoot (#245)
From www.GrowingDeer.tv: There's a buck! He looks good, your adrenaline is pumping... but then you go back and forth wondering if he's a shooter. In this video, Dr. Woods shows how he ages the "hard to age" bucks - you know the ones, because you've seen them! (from 07:37 to 09:43) Plus, did you know that fire is good? Watch this video now to find out the benefits of a growing season fire for whitetails and other wildlife. (0:01 to 07:36). All this habitat work is fun, but the end objective is producing a healthier deer herd and larger antlers.