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GrowingDeer: S2015 | E1
Carbon Score: 8.2
Deer Hunting Hot Spots: Late Season Whitetail Scrapes (#267)
Deer hunting strategies from www.GrowingDeer.tv: Deer hunting in the late season can be a challenge. Want to find a new hunting hot spot for your next hunt? New video footage of white-tailed deer using scrapes may give you ideas for a new hotspot for hunting whitetails in the late season. Watch this episode as our Reconyx UltraFire records the world of whitetail scrape behavior! The GrowingDeer.tv team will show you how to use this information to create a perfect site for your hunting set up. Next, we share another of our hunting strategies as we open up the HotZone fence to give deer access to some late season soybeans. We’ve already captured a big surprise!