Season 2015

Exciting Deer Hunting During the Rut: 4 Big Bucks Down! (#314)

The team is deer hunting during the rut! It's fast and exciting hunting with three hunters and four bucks down! First hunt is with Adam that finally tags a nice, mature Ozark buck during rifle season (0:50 - 14:00). Then Aaron Kicklighter harvests a buck when he strategically hunts a travel corridor (14:01 - 17:03). The next hunt Seth Harker with two hunts where he brings home two very nice Ozark bucks! There's a surprising twist to the bow hunt! Stay tuned to see what happens! (17:04 - 27:09) Plus, DIY trapping is here! It's time to get the Duke traps out! (27:20 - 30:13)


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