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Kapper Outdoors

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Join me for my very first sit in a tower blind on our Illinois farm. I had very good intel that this 'doublewide' buck has been in this particular food plot before dark and I wanted to get an up close look at him to see if I wanted to fling an arrow at him or give him a pass with the hopes he survives another year and passes on some of them wide antler genes! This is also a recap of the long and frustrating year that we have had struggling with food plots. We planted corn and beans Twice, both failed, and planted fall plots twice, and overseeded again only to be rewarded with a very, very late germination and virtually no brassicas at all more than 2 inches! But persistence is the key! Even though the plots are just starting to come up here on Halloween, there is enough sweets there for the deer! Thanks for joining us, check out our YouTube channel at Kapper Outdoors. Thank you.

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