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Abandoned Deer Fawn Rescue Attempt

Kapper Outdoors

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06-07-20. For all of our new subscribers and viewers, thank you for joining us and just a little backdrop here on where we live. We live in VERY rural Southern Illinois on a 150 acre farm that is set back off the nearest road almost a mile. We see deer and wildlife daily and we are blessed to see many deer fawns every spring. The mother doe's 'drop off area' for fawns is right near our home at the edge of our yard tree line. They have used this area as a fawning area since we've been here (and yes, probably had used it a long time before that). At any rate, today's real life farm vlog is not a happy one, but again, this is the real world that we live in and share with you. Join us today for the mini adventure and attempted rescue of this beautiful little deer fawn. CAUTION: some natural things may be disturbing for some viewers, and this video may bring you some tears. Thanks for joining us today, if you enjoy our content please share it so that we can continue to grow our YouTube family, we greatly appreciate that. Also consider subscribing to follow all of our country living adventures, Illinois and Kentucky land management projects and much more. Thank you. Kapper Outdoors, living the dream, one acre at a time.