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“A String Of Bad Luck” Matt and Jesse head to Kansas with archery tackle in hand after Rio gobblers, mis-executions made them come home almost empty handed.

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Last Breath TV

Season 3, Episode 5

Mountain Merriams


The Virtue

Season 1, Episode 6

Archery Gobblers in Kansas

The Virtue

Season 4, Episode 7

Kansas Gobblers

Full Strut

Season 10, Episode 3

Opening Day Kansas Archery Gobbler! (Perfect Shot!!)

Outdoor Outlawz

Season 1, Episode 3

Hunter's 1st Kansas 2021 Gobbler

Hunt with a Henry

Season 2, Episode 6

Fired up Kansas gobblers


Season 3, Episode 4

Kansas Archery Longbeard!


Season 3, Episode 2

Opening Day Kansas Archery Longbeard

Dream Chasers

Season 7, Episode 5

Whitney's Kansas Archery Turkey!

Pursue The Wild

Season 6, Episode 7

Timing Is Everything - Missouri & Kansas Archery Whitetail Hunt

Full Strut

Season 11, Episode 4

Turkey Hunting in a Kansas Wind Storm! Archery Success!


Season 3, Episode 11

Kansas Split Droptine Archery Buck!

Full Strut

Season 6, Episode 2


The Kindred Life

Season 11, Episode 5

Kansas buck with archery. Coyotes ate him!

Pursue The Wild

Season 5, Episode 15

Elusive Bucks - Kansas Archery Whitetail Hunt

Victory Outdoors

Season 1, Episode 2

Nebraska Archery Gobbler

The Virtue

Season 5, Episode 27


The Game

Season 4, Episode 2


Victory Outdoors

Season 1, Episode 3

Kansas Double

Dream Chasers

Season 6, Episode 3

Kansas Opener

Dream Chasers

Season 1, Clip 6

Kansas Jakes Can't Resist

NWTF 365

Season 1, Episode 8

Kansas Muzzleloader

Lethal Mission

Season 1, Episode 1

Kansas Part 1


Season 3, Episode 13

GIANT Kansas Whitetail

Southern Dirt

Season 1, Episode 7

Decoyed In Kansas