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"Two Face"

Lethal Mission

Carbon Score: 7.4

Josh spends the last half of the Georgia season chasing the biggest buck he has ever seen in Georgia.

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Lethal Mission

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Two Bucks

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Owen Is Hunting His BIGGEST Buck Ever, Tagging A 162" Iowa Giant

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Two Massive Late Season Studs, Bella's Biggest Buck

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The Perfect Bow Hunt, Drake's Biggest 8 Point Buck Ever

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Last day buck

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last min buck

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Larry's BIGGEST BUCK! (Minnesota Muzzleloader Hunt)

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Season 10, Episode 4

Chasing Turkeys & Giant Sheds in Colorado! (My Biggest Shed Ever!!)

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Season 9, Episode 9

The Story of Caesar | Shawn's Biggest Buck To Date!!

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Season 2, Episode 10

A Two Buck Season

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Biggest Gobbler Ever

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The Story of Twin 10 | Rex's Biggest Buck!

Behind The Draw

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This Bucks Beams Almost Touch! | My First Ever Kansas Buck!

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Season 2021, Episode 6

Chasing Antelope and Wyoming Bucks

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Season 6, Episode 3

Last Minute Velvet Buck