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Long Range Hunter

The Long Range Hunter show is a series dedicated to hunters and marksmanship. With a team of professional hunters and precision shooters, Long Range Hunter with its host Pierre Lefebvre, will Invite you to feel a lot of strong emotions and without forgetting to educate yourself on the good practice of hunting and shooting ethics. The team travels across Canada to find all the wildest places. Whether it's the bear, the deer, moose, elk, and mountain goat… the Long Range Hunter team will make feel that the dream is real. Striking images with aerial shots and close-up shots, focusing on nature and the experience rather than just the result. Our approach is well documented in the preparation and all the essential thinking for marksmanship ethics. The aim is also to make people understand the important elements of shooting so as not to hurt the coveted animal. Hunters are not in comfortable situations but rather in tents and remote areas. We let the images speak with a musical style reflecting the level of emotions experienced. A few episodes will be dedicated to young women and sports shooters.