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Mark V Peterson Hunting

"Success on every hunt is not measured by inches of antler, but by the journey it took to get where the hunter desires to be." Growing up near Lake Michigan in the rolling hills of Oceana County, Mark developed a love and passion for hunting and the great outdoors at an early age. To this day, Mark continues to film hunts with his father Earl, an avid wingshooter who fostered Mark’s love for hunting. Over the past 10 years, Mark has explored and filmed adventures all over North America and most of the world, showcasing how important hunting is as a part of conservation. Mark is currently pursuing the completion of the Super Slam three times, 29 big game species with a bow, muzzleloader and rifle. Mark has successfully completed the Grand Slam of NA Sheep, Triple Slam, World Turkey Slam, Upland Slam, and North America Waterfowl Slam and South America Waterfowl Slam. Mark Peterson is proud to be a Hunter and Conservationist.