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Owen's 3 BEST Hunting Spots On His Farm, What To Look For In The Perfect Deer Stand

Midwest Whitetail

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On this week's episode of Midwest Whitetail, we join Owen Reigler as he breaks down the three best bow hunting locations on his farm. He covers a variety of topics from cover, food, topography, all the way to general deer movement. By discussing this, Owen's hope is that you can take information from each of these spots and use it to look for that perfect hunting location on your property.Following this, Owen jumps to what he believes is as important as anything when it comes to preparing for the incoming deer season, a detailed bow setup. Diving into the second segment of his Hoyt RX-8 bow setup series, Owen covers multiple topics. He goes into detail on how to mount the brand new Hoyt Go-Stix 2.0, mounting a sidebar stabilizer, mounting/leveling the SpotHogg Hogg Father bow sight, and how to tie in a peep sight. As always we appreciate you taking the time to watch the episode and look forward to seeing you back next Monday!

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