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Mountain Archery Fest

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Here's what you need to know about Mountain Archery Fest in a quick 75 second clip! Mountain Archery Fest is a 3-D festival designed with both the recreational and competitive archer in mind. Our mission is to bring a strong foundation to the sport of archery through youth and families, with an educational, recreational and competitive mindset, strong values of ethics, heritage and conservation. We have built the most complete and all-inclusive 3-D events at some of the most magnificent mountain resorts in the country with a family friendly, festival style atmosphere. What separates us from other national 3D events are our competitions and our unique courses including our one-of-a-kind Pope and Young World Record course where you can shoot all 29 North American world record replicas. Also unique to MAF is the TrackAction Mobility Adaptive Course. This course caters to those with disabilities, youth, and those looking to experience the challenges a disabled hunter must overcome to enjoy archery. Additional intermediate and advanced courses are the Exotics and Predators courses. Finally, our Western Course (now named the Carbon TV course) is the ultimate 3D shooting challenge. Unflagged, you must navigate your way through this course and engage targets from 3 to 100 yards. Brings the whole family and shoot the Fest! For more information visit and to register visit

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