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Okayest Hunter

The crew from the Okayest Hunter podcast thought it'd be a good idea to start a hunting show, but they wanted to do something different, and it needed to align with the brand, mission, and ethos of the Okayest Hunter. Basically, it can't be too serious. So we thought, hey, let's make the "Office" show, but for hunting. Our hunting season is chock full of humility as we miss place things, take too long to pick out our tree, injure ourselves, miss deer, lose arrows, and more. However, we had one of our best and most fun seasons yet! Follow along as we release new episodes as our 2022 deer hunting season unfolds. We assure you it'll be worth getting all the way to the end! Cheers to chasing shooter bucks in the deer woods and never passing on what makes you happy! We hope you can relate as we share our shenanigans with everyone!