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Original CarbonTV Show
Outdoor Weekly S2019 | E21
Carbon Score: 8.7

Mutant Lizards, Invasive Species, and Keeping Mulies Hydrated

-Scientists have found a way to genetically mutate lizards to make them albino to study their vision, and ultimately help people with albinism.
-Yosemite National Park is a wonderfully beautiful place, but also extremely dangerous. A hiker fell to her death from the infamous Half Dome trail.
-Harsh winters, low fawn recruitment and heavy predation has lead to the low mule deer population in Wyoming.
-Shell has been a supporter of the mule deer foundation by installing water guzzlers in areas where the deer might not have any water sources.
-New Missouri brown trout state record.
-Invasive species nutria in Louisiana are being hunted and reused in dog treats as a sustainable solution to the problem.
-Guest Kyle Green from Green Way Outdoors.
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