Roadworthy: S2 | E10
In the final episode of ROADWORTHY: HEAVY HAULS, our four groups of truckers converge at the annual Shell Rotella SuperRigs event in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is a chance for all our weary road warriors to take a break from the big loads and enjoy the finer aspects of the trucking industry and one of the most highly anticipated shows in the country. While at the event, there is no doubt, a few of our cast will have trucks entered into the competition - and we’ll track their progress as the race to make it into the Shell Rotella Calendar and the winner’s circle unfolds. As impressive as the heavy haul work the trucks accomplish, the customization, fabrication and detail work on their fully functional working “show” rigs is even more incredible. Once the show comes to a close, our drivers pull away from the vast sea of towering monoliths…setting out, once again…to pick up their next HEAVY HAUL.