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Calling All Owls

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How To Use an Owl Call for Turkey Hunting - Teaching the Kids! Watch our fun and funny Owl Call Tutorial with our kids episode! Scott Hinnant hand makes these calls himself for his game call company Conviction Outdoors. He surprised Jase with his very own "Hoot-dini" owl call and gave him his own lesson on how to use the owl call. This is the best and most realistic sounding owl call we have ever heard! I think Jase's daddy, Reese, was jealous that he got an owl call before him... LOL What is the purpose of an owl call? We use an owl call for turkey hunting. The hoot of an owl call will strike up a turkey to gobble, helping bring them in range while you're turkey hunting. An owl call is a great tool to keep in your turkey vest. We highly recommend the one used in this video! You can get yours here -- Seek and Find TV was founded by Scott Hinnant of Conviction Outdoors and Reese Richards of Bearded Outdoors. The two friends came together and decided to create an outdoor show with a twist of Jesus. They equally share a love and passion for all things hunting, fishing, and anything in the outdoors, but what really brought these two together is their love for Jesus and passion to spread His name. Scott resides in Mississippi and Reese in Florida, so the episodes for Seek and Find TV will have a good variety of scenery and things to do in the outdoors. Please let us know if you enjoy watching our episodes and if there is anything specific you'd like us to create. Please be sure to subscribe as well. God Bless!

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