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Shifted Cinema: S2 | E1
Fiji River BTS 3
In 2016 we were fortunate enough to be brought over to Fiji to film a series for the FOX network. During our time there, production sent us on a B-roll mission down the Navua River. The river is often referred to as the River of Eden due to its lush jungle and thriving ecosystems. Many villages depend on the river for it's resources, and thus the government has declared the river protected.While attempting to capture the river, we were frequented by rolling rain storms, but with a finite amount of time and a long river to paddle to take-out, waiting for weather windows wasn't an option. So, we took what the jungle allowed. Flying mostly during downpours, we made good use of our rain spinner to keep water off the lens in hopes the footage would still be useable. By our final stop, our gimbal had succumbed to the weather and would no longer boot up properly, essentially ending our shot list for the day. Yes, we always have a back up, but there was simply no extra space in the boat, so it remained at the hotel. But by the morning, having spent the night tearing the gimbal down, cleaning, then rebuilding, our MoVi was back up and running for the remaining 20 days of shooting.
Enjoy the journey down the River of Eden. -SC