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Tazin TV

Some of the biggest lake trout and northern pike roam the cold waters of Tazin Lake. Situated in the far northwest corner of Saskatchewan, this remote destination is fly-in only and that allows the fishing pressure to be kept to a minimum, ensuring that the trophy fish factory remains a world-class fishery. Lake trout caught near the world record size of 72 pounds have been caught in recent years as well as pike that have broken the magical 50-inch mark. Follow along as we search the up-to-900 foot depths for these predator fish who both consider themselves top of the food chain. We'll show you how we're fishing, why conservation is so important to us and teach you about the rich history of the area. It's scenic, rugged and full of big fish and lots of wildlife. You might spot a black bear roaming the shorelines or a big moose going for a swim. See this breathtaking Canadian landscape on Tazin TV today. Tazin TV is hosted and produced by Bret Amundson of MIkaba Media.