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The Big & Wild Outdoors

For over a decade The Big & Wild Outdoors has been bringing the enjoyment of hunting, fishing and all outdoor adventures straight to the listener! From the woods to the water of the Sunshine State our hosts Braden Gunn, Vince Noble & Bill George bring a life-long passion of all things outdoors to their weekly show. The Hosts supply all of your Outdoor information with a touch of hunting camp humor and a sense of nostalgia by sharing stories that remind them of the good ole days all while discussing issues that impact outdoor activities in every town. The Big & Wild Outdoors gives the viewers expertise and insights on hunting, fishing, conversation, and other activities in the great state of Florida and around the country with on-air guests and celebrities that bring their unique perspectives. Florida has a diverse population that comes from all over the world, Thankfully, the bond that is shared among outdoors men and women is the same everywhere you go.