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Track Hunting with Northwoods Whitetails

The Fair Chase Podcast

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Welcome to a new episode of the Fair Chase Podcast! Today, Joey and Tyler from Northwoods Whitetails join us today to talk about track hunting, the differences between sit hunting and track hunting, and how to get started. In this episode, we discuss: - What is track hunting? - What’s involved in deer tracking? - What’s a typical day of tracking look like? - Big bucks make big tracks - What affects a deer’s tracks? - Buck tracks vs doe tracks - How tracking forces you to be in the moment - Best spots for deep deer tracking - Track hunting vs stand hunting - Do you drag or quarter your deer? - What are signs that you’re getting close to the deer? - Deer tracking stories - The challenges of sit hunting - Small game hunting - What to keep an eye out for - Plans for 2022

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