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Girl KNIFING a Wild Hog with Dogs!

Today on “The High Road with Keith Warren", we explore a couple unconventional methods of hunting… First, Matti Tackett will be going on a type of hog hunt that she’s never done before. She will be using a Knives of Alaska knife to take down a wild boar with her bare hands, with the help of some hog dogs! Team Swamp Stomp introduces Matti to one of the oldest ways that people have harvested animals and provided meat for their families. Then, Keith teams up with our friends at Pulsar to giveaway an incredible thermal Texas hog hunt with Night Hogs in Seguin, TX. Our winner, Ian Harvey, joins Keith to hunt these wild hogs in the dead of night armed with an AR10 .308 topped off with a Pulsar Trail XP50 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope. See how devastating a thermal scope can be on the worst pest in AMERICA!
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