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Carbon Score: 8.1

Never Shot A Gun Before (Episode 1)

This is the first part, in a new series, comparing the operation of an AR15 vs. an AK47 from someone that has never shot a rifle before. In this video, Amber will try to load and fire each rifle at a target 25-yards away. We observe the differences in the challenges that each rifle presents to a novice shooter. This is intended to be a demonstration of what someone would have to do to load and fire a rifle for the first time. It would, undoubtedly, be worse in a "stressful situation," not that the camera was very calming. One thing I didn't include in this video (that I will in future versions) is a reload. Please keep in mind that this is just ONE DATA POINT. This isn't indicative of what every person might do, and it will be interesting to compare a male shooter next time to see if anything stands out. If you like this video drop a comment and tell me what you think, ideas to improve the scenario, and more ""rival guns"" you want to see someone shoot for the first time (I.E. Glock vs 1911)
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