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Top Shot Chris Cheng

Even though his dad taught him to shoot at the age of 6, Chris Cheng didn't start shooting more until the age of 30 when he decided to do something crazy and compete against some of the best shooters in the world. After beating 17 seasoned marksmen and winning Season 4 of the History Channel original series 'Top Shot,' Chris went from self-taught amateur to Top Shot Champion and has gone on to become an NRA News Commentator and a best selling author for his book 'Shoot to Win.' 'The Second Scoop' delivers your weekly gun news in a short, 5 minute hard-hitting video format. Hear about the top 2-3 gun stories, a 'Good Guy/Gal with a Gun' story, and Chris Cheng's gun video pick of the week. In his 'National Shooting Sports Foundation' Firearms 101 video series, Chris teaches the core fundamentals that brought him from self-taught amateur to Top Shot Champion!