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Carbon Score: 5.0
SEMA Platinum Powerstroke on 40’s Burns It Down!
This 2015 Ford Platinum 6.7L Powerstroke was purpose built by JCT Auto Sales especially for featuring at SEMA 2015 in Las Vegas, NV. Upon completion, it was a truck featured for sale at the JCT facility. While they turn out top-notch vehicles with custom aftermarket accessories, this build was one of the few of this caliber. Upgrades include:
8” 4-link BDS with dual Fox shocks
24x16 Fuel Forged wheels
40” Toyo Open Country
Amp Research powerboards
Retrax bed cover
5” Pro Flow exhaust turbo back
Royalty grille
Custom painted headlights - One Stop Automotive
Custom built taillights - EcoTint Mag Tec
Suspension powder coated - WPC
For more information on this truck, or others in our inventory, contact JCT Auto Sales at 903-445-3640
FACEBOOK: fb.com/JCTAutoSales/
INSTAGRAM: @jctautosales