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Carbon Score: 8.5
Heavy Hitters Lay the Smackdown!
The Heavy Hitters class at the LSX Shootout is a unique class requiring the vehicle to be fast, obviously, but also to have a combined weight of driver/vehicle to meet or exceed 4,000lbs. This definitely made for some interesting entries! A couple of these beasts were VERY surprising. Congratulations to Kyle Katzenbach with his win in an SUV, of all things....a NASTY fast TBSS pushing over 1100HP!Official Heavy Hitter rules:Heads up.1/4 mile.Required to show time.4000lbs/w driver or heavier.Helmet required if 13.99 or faster, fire retardant jacket if 9.99 or faster, pants only no shorts.Fuels- Race and pump gas only including E-85 and E-98. no 100% methanol injection nor nitro. Methonal injection is allowed when injected via a second system separate of the primary fuel system.2nd Annual LSX Shootout - Thunder Road Raceway - 11/8/15. Visit the LSX Monsters website at http://www.lsxmonsters.net/