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Carbon Score: 8.5
Luxury Sleeper!
One of the most significant sleeper vehicles at the LSX Shootout this year was Adam's 2010 BMW 135i. The car features an auto trans, GT3582 single turbo @ 28lbs of boost, Port Injection w/ E85, Built LSD and HalTech PS1000. Car makes upwards of 700RWHP on a DynoJet caliber dyno. It's extremely tough for this car to hook up out of the hole, but is a roll racing MONSTER! Adam has definitely shattered the boundaries of what a stock engine/trans/drivetrain combo in this car should be capable of.2nd Annual LSX Shootout - Thunder Road Raceway - 11/8/15. Visit the LSX Monsters website at http://www.lsxmonsters.net/