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Carbon Score: 8.5
Corvette C5Z Street Monster!
This is honestly one of the cleanest, most powerful C5 Z06 street cars in existence. Norm has owned this car for a good while, taken meticulous care of this vehicle and grown this fine specimen into the monster it has become today. After recently upgrading the YSI blower to an F2 procharger setup, Norm made the trip from Georgia to Texas for the Sulphur Springs stop on the WannaGoFAST circuit to see what the car was capable of in the 1/2 mile. He discovered it was a handful, especially out of the hole, but he effortlessly reeled in anyone that got car lengths on him out of the hole. congrats to Norm on the build pushing north of 1300HP and a 178MPH pass during the race weekend.
Mods include: 427 RHS block, Trickflow heads, F2 Procharger, e85, Edelbrock Super Vic high-rise intake manifold, RPS triple carbon clutch, RPM stage 5 t56 trans, Pfadt coilovers and mini tubbed.Previous build thread with YSI blower: http://goo.gl/FGCWfk