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Carbon Score: 8.5
1100 HP Twin-Turbo Viper Take on the BIG 3!
The Calvo Motorsports Gen-5 Viper instantly grabs your attention with the General Lee style paint & graphics work, then when you see the back to back 180MPH rocketship passes they put down in the half mile, you're fixated on this 10 cylinder beast! Thankfully we were able to catch the Calvo crew and get some up close shots, overview and onboard footage as this boost monster chased down another previous-gen Viper on nitrous, Shelby GT500 and C7 Z06 Corvette. Props to Antonio and Mike for making one helluva good showing at WannaGoFAST in Sulphur Springs, TX.
For more information, check out Calvo Motorsports in Austin, TX online at https://goo.gl/cjXOO7