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Carbon Score: 8.5
Big Boost, Blowers, and Nitrous Take Over the Streets
Several guys with some fast builds wanted to get out and test their setups after some winter cabin fever. The streets were still cold, so hooking was a bit sketchy, but we all gave it a go. Max speed on the rolls topped out between 120-150MPH, so nothing crazy. Details for each build is as follows:
1997 Honda Integra Type-R, B18, built, turbo @ 40+psi, A/C, 728HP
2011 Grand Sport, Vortech v3 @ 12psi, E85
2006 Corvette Z06, Headers, tune, drag radials
2010 CTS-V, Lingenfelter 2.55 upper, CAI, Ported LS3 TB, Heat exchanger, Muffler delete, 530ish whp
2011 Shelby GT500 Stock trinity blower. 2.4 pulley. 65mm Throttle body, CAI, Kooks headers and catted X-Pipe. VMP Tune
2008 Corvette LS3, 200 shot, FAST intake, cam, headers, stall, drag radials