Big Boost LSX Goes 186MPH!
Slavko recently became intrigued with the 1/2mi WannaGoFast racing circuit. He located and purchased this 2007 Corvette Z06 and immediately dropped it off at Vengeance Racing for major upgrades. With an LSX block and Procharger F1X producing 1050RWHP, Slavko was able to drive this Corvette to a personal best of 186.5672 MPH on Day 2 of WannaGoFast Sulphur Springs, TX. Can't wait to see if he'll be able to crack 190MPH with a few tweaks soon!For more information on this build and others like it, visit Vengeance Racing online at - Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport - 11/12-13-2016 - Sulphur Springs, TX. For more information on WannaGoFast, Visit