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Adventure Awaits

Fly along with our aviation adventures as we build the AK Pilot Lodge and tiny home cabins on our private runway. Watch us make our dreams of turning a DC6 into a functional living space come to life. Pilots and student pilots alike come to immerse in training and experience the excitement that Alaska’s backcountry holds. FLY8MA.com offers free online ground school videos and articles for private pilot students and those looking to build upon their #aviation knowledge. We hope you can use our videos to help you in your aviation pursuits, whether from Sport Pilot, Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, or Commercial Pilot, or just someone who wants to know more about airplanes. For awesome flight planning videos, checkride prep, and oral exam videos, check out www.fly8ma.com There you can gain access to a wealth of knowledge with one of our subscription options or buy a single course that focuses on what you need to learn now!